Karns General Coupon Policy

  • Manufacturer coupons doubled to $1 unless specified “Do Not Double”.

  • One manufacturer coupon per like item may be doubled.

  • No more than one coupon per item.

  • Free item coupons are not doubled and may not exceed the retail of the item.

  • Coupons attached to the product at the time of purchase may not be doubled.

  • Cigarette/tobacco coupons are not doubled.

  • An expiration date or the words “No Expiration Date” must be included on the coupon.

  • Redemption information must be included on the coupon.

  • In-ad or Karns sponsored coupons are not eligible for doubling unless otherwise indicated.

Printable Coupons: Customer Helpful Hints

There are a lot of online coupons out there. You may come across offers that appear to be legitimate coupons but aren't sure. Here are some guidelines on how to verify and get the most from online coupons. These guidelines have been taken from www.couponsinc.com

  • You should never see the actual coupon on your screen, only an offer to print it. Real coupons require special software to print proper barcodes and limit the number of prints of each coupon.

  • Print coupons only from the brand website for the products you are interested in, or well-known savings sites like Coupons.com, Couponbug.com or major sites that you trust.

  • Avoid coupon-swapping sites and websites that post images of coupons.

  • Never pay for a coupon.

  • Don’t buy coupons on auction sites.

  • Don’t make or use copies of coupons or printouts of scanned images of coupons.

  • Be suspicious of printable coupons for a free product or one that seems too good to be true. It probably is!

Karns Foods Printable Coupon Acceptance Policy

Karns Foods accepts legitimate printable coupons that consumers receive via retailer and manufacturer websites and email campaigns through interactive and promotions on web publisher sites, and from legitimate online coupon sites. We recognize that our customers are increasingly turning to the internet to find coupons. In an effort to make using printable coupons a positive experience, we have created these store policies and consumer guidelines to help consumers and store personnel alike prevent the abuse of these promotions.

Printable Coupons…

Karns Foods will accept printable (internet) coupons that meet the following criteria:
  • Scan properly at the checkout.

  • Have a value of up to and including $1.00 unless otherwise reported as counterfeit.

  • One coupon only for like items.

Karns Foods will not accept or may require management approval for printable (internet) coupons that meet the following criteria:
  • Contain the word "free".

  • Contain a lengthy or altered expiration date.

  • Are altered, blurry, or are obvious duplicates.

  • Have a dollar value of more than $1.00 or are advertised as a % off.

  • Multiple coupons for like items.