Fresh Rewards Transition FAQ

The below information is for Karns Fresh Rewards Cards that are currently registered. If your card is not registered, please do so to ensure your data is transferred over.

Pardon our dust... temporary pain for long term gains!

We've been listening to you and our team members requesting enhancements to our reward program. We hear you loud and clear - asking for accessibility of your rewards at the register vs. having to login online.

Karns Foods is making a BIG investment in the computer systems powering our cash registers and loyalty program. We know you'll like the changes as we continue to grow and add more value for our loyal customers! Below are some questions and answers that should address most of your concerns.

What's going on with Karns Fresh Rewards?

The Fresh Rewards program is getting a new website and face lift! This will be a gradual roll out store-by-store. We do apologize about the inconvenience that will occur during this process and will work with you as best as possible to minimize the disruption.

Will I lose my points on my registered rewards card?

No. No points will be lost. In fact, point expiration is being put on hold on the original site until all stores are updated. At which point, ALL points that remain on the original system will get a refreshed 18 months of being valid.

My store has switched to the new system, what do I do?

Nothing. Your card numbers and contact information will be moved over to the new site right away. You can even scan your card and start accumulating points on the new site right away!

But what about my points and redeemed Max Dollars from the original site? How do I access those now that my store has switched over?

You do not have to do anything! We want to emphasize that your outstanding rewards points or redeemed and unused Max Dollars will be moved from the old site to the new site at the conclusion of the updates. The completion date is still TBD, but it is estimated to be done by early November.

Once all locations are completed, there will be a full "point dump" from the original site to the new site! At that time, you will see your points posted to the new site!

I shop at two different stores, what does this mean for me?

Keep scanning your card at all locations! Your points will accumulate on the original site when you shop at stores that have not yet been updated and on the new site for stores that have been updated. Once all stores have been installed, both of those numbers will be added together giving you your full total.

This seems like a lot of work, what makes this new program worth it?

Items that shoppers and team members have been requesting for years will now be happening… which will include the ability to redeem for rewards at the register vs. logging, online, access to load-to-card coupons, double point earning products, and more reward opportunities!

Are there any big changes I should know?

The biggest difference is now you will be able to redeem at the register! Also, when you shop and wish to use Max Dollars on a purchase you must use the full Max Dollar amount in that transaction. So, if you wish to use 5 Max Dollars, you must purchase $5 worth of products. If you wish to redeem for a larger Max Dollar value but want to use it over the course of multiple transactions, we suggest you purchase a gift card with your Max Dollars.

We are also updating our redemption levels: 5 Max Dollars = 250 points, 15 Max Dollars = 550 points and 50 Max Dollars = 1,500 points.

And yes, when you redeem Max Dollars your oldest points will be used first and any unused points will be waiting for future use!

Also, any household member who uses a card or the phone number on the account will be able to redeem for rewards when eligible. The option to defer the reward for the future is always available! So, if you are saving up for a special date – please share that with others that shop and earn points towards your account! It's always safest to have everyone on the same page!

Are points earned the same way they were before?

Yep! Every dollar spent on applicable items = 1 point. Plus, we will be rolling out double point items and other point earning events to help you earn more points faster!