Grilled Clams in Foil Packets

Karns Backyard BBQ ABC 27
Preheat grill to high heat. To make foil packets tear off 8 pieces of foil in 2-foot-long sheets and double stack - allowing for 4 foil pouches to be made.

In a medium bowl combine zucchini, tomatoes, garlic, butter, red pepper and Italian seasoning. Gently mix to combine. Divide cleaned clams over the 4 packets. Evenly divide zucchini and tomato mix over all clams. Fold up sides of foil to form a pouch.

Divide white wine between all four pouches. Roll the top edge over to create a tight seal but leaving room for the clams to steam.

Place on hot grill and cook for 12-15 minutes until the shells have opened. Remove from grill - carefully - and enjoy!