Pittsburgh Steak Salad

Karns Cookin' For The Weekend
1. Remove steak from refrigerator prior to grilling and allow to sit at room temperature for 20 minutes, keeping covered.
2. Heat grill to high. Brush both sides of steak with oil and seasoning with Butcher's Love Steak Seasoning. Place steaks on grill and cook 4-5 minutes, turn steaks and cook for 3-5 minutes for medium rare, 5-7 for medium and 8-10 for medium well.
3. Transfer steak to a cutting board and let rest for 5 minutes. Then slice against the grain into 1/4 inch pieces.
4. To enjoy, portion all ingredients equally over 4 plates. Top with your favorite dressing - suggested blue cheese, ranch or a creamy vinaigrette.